Split Jerk skill
3 rounds on a 5min clock:

6 Shoulder to overhead (unbroken)

6 Barbell squats (back or front)

6 Burpees over bar

6 Shoulder to overhead (unbroken)

6 Barbell squats (back or front)

*Record weight used and time per round
*Add 6 burpees for every time you set bar down (other than to do burpees over bar)

Years of being an athlete and coaching I’ve 

learned that goals are personal and relative. It’s really important to acknowledge your achievements, no matter how big or small. Goal setting and celebrating inspires you to believe in yourself. Believing energizes infinite achievements and success.From now on we will celebrate as a community our and everyone else’s personal acheivements whether big or small.  I’ve installed what we will refer to as the PR bell. This big RED bell will be rung by all athletes celebrating a new record for them i.e  heavy lift, improved time on a benchmark Wod or muscle up, double under……etc. etc……the list goes on.  The important thing is that WE recognize your achievements. Trust me, every improvement is a big deal!  Thank you every one for giving their best!   Coach Tony
  The PR BELL 



Paleo Challenge:

Its almost that time again. Due to popular demand we will start another Paleo Challenge after the New Year on January 4, 2016.  Maybe you’ve been sticking with it but I’m sure some of you if not all of you can improve. Remember, it’s the health benefits that are most important.  So start cleaning out those pantries and prepare to start the new year with a BANG! Details to follow. Meanwhile let’s kill some WODS!!!!

To all:  December 19th will be our Christmas party so save the date.  Details will follow.

For time:

Run 200m

5 Thrusters, 135/95

Run 400m

10 Thrusters

Run 800m

15 Thrusters


Due to popular demand we will now be closed for Thanksgiving Day. Friday we will be open for 1 class at 10 am and Saturday will be normal. Thank you and Happy Holidaiys!

Build to a max complex: 1 Clean Pull + 1 Squat Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean. 
Rest, then…
For time: 

30 Squat Cleans, 155lbs/105lbs

*Complete 4 Burpees every minute 


200 Double-unders 

*Complete 4 Burpees every minute 

Workout begins with Burpees. 


Here is the schedule for this Thursday and Friday:Thanksgiving Day- Open Gym session from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. PLEASE make sure you arrive early enough to complete your workout in BEFORE 12 pm. I will be closing the gym promptly at 12

Black Friday- Open Gym 10 am – 11 am

Happy Holiday Everyone!

Today’s Wod:TBA